Bank Repo Campers – How to Find the Best Deals at an silent Auction Ideas

If you are looking for a fundraiser with very little cost, look no further than offering services that your team, group, school, or church members can do with their own two hands. If you are looking for an alternative to product sales, or order taking fundraisers, a service auction online silent auction ideas fundraiser is worth looking into. To begin, you need to meet with your fundraising group and have each member of the group come up with some things they can do or make or services they can offer that will be auctioned off.

There are so many talents that members of your group will be able to offer, some you may not even know about and you will learn new things about your group members. Mowing a lawn, baking a cake, preparing someone’s taxes, walking a dog, doing a photo shoot, making a home cooked meal, teaching a piano lesson are all examples of items that could be auctioned off for your fundraiser. Don’t forget to involve local businesses – the neighborhood chiropractor may be able to offer a free adjustment, a new restaurant may offer a free meal, a housecleaning company could offer a free one time cleaning visit.

The possibilities are endless and the value of these services is great. Simply make cards or a list of these various offerings from your fundraising group members and donated offerings from local businesses and you are ready to have an auction. You can do a silent auction, or you can do a typical auction with an auctioneer for some added drama. Either way, people will be delighted that they are getting services that they really want at prices they choose and the only cost is the time dedicated by your group members to make this fundraiser an incredible success.